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The Moodys

We are a husband/wife team that has been in the commercial fishing industry for about 30 years. After building our boat the Capriccio in 1979, we began fishing for salmon and albacore in the waters between Mexico and Canada. For years we have been one of a few boats on the West Coast to freeze our salmon at sea and to sell to local restaurants. Now our custom canned Premium Albacore Tuna is also being featured on many local menus.

Since the beginning of our careers, we have always used sustainable fishing techniques. We feel we have been good stewards of the sea by using only hook and line methods, catching one fish at a time. Each fish is handled with special care, ensuring the finest quality product. After being brought aboard, the fish are frozen within a matter of hours. They are then taken and carefully loined, hand packed, and pressure-cooked only once, again ensuring that the nutritional quality is maintained.

We are sold out, and retiring!

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The painting of the Capriccio featured on our label was done by artist Tommy Ancona of Fort Bragg, CA,
and is used with his permission.

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